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August 19, 2022, 03:33:21 pm

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Author Topic: Chapter 1: Genesis  (Read 986 times)

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Chapter 1: Genesis
« on: June 18, 2010, 10:05:21 pm »
I believe it was early 2009 when I received the message.  salithus sent it.  Something along the lines of "We're founding CNgoons, want in?".  I was skeptical as it was salithus, but I jumped at the chance.  From there we set about the work of founding the alliance.  We brought in Lamuella early on for guidance and writing support, and for the most part it was the three of us.  salithus provided the forum, as we all know this would have lasting consequences later.   Our primary objective was clear: securing a place for CNGOONS in an incredibly hostile environment.

 To secure peace for ourselves in CN, we would need protectors.  Strong protectors who were strong enough to leverage their might against anyone who might still have a bone to pick against GOONS.  You see, the old GOONS didn't leave Cybernations by choice.  The Unjust War heralded our destruction.  It was a war caused to destroy the alliance.  A war started by a government sick of the game, who didn't want to pass on power to the next generation of leaders.  A war that would sour the opinion of nearly the entire game against us.

We started at what we saw was the political center of the game, the orders, NpO and NPO. This approach was the right one for several reasons. The main practical reason was to form relationships with the most powerful and well connected, and use that as leverage. This prevented us from having to go around making peace with every alliance at war with the former GOONS. I do not know how it would have gone had gone with attempting peace with all, but I doubt it would have ended favorably. One of the more interesting bits of information I uncovered while negotiating with one of NPO's main allies for the return was that we were not the first group of Goons to attempt to reform GOONS, I believe they said there had been at least three prior attempts, they probably picked the wrong approach.

We secured the peace, it wasn't easy, but it got done.  Annoyingly we had to wait a significant amount of time for NPO to get back to us about signing off on it, even if everybody else that we had been instructed to talk to was okay with it.  Interestingly enough the NPO part of the treaty quickly became void as the Karma War spun up.  NPO was forced to abandon all treaties as a result of losing the war, and we pretty much lost all contact with them then and there, but that's probably for the best.

Anyway after all was said and done, for better or worse, we posted our comeback announcement.  As you might expect this was met with a lot of skepticism, and the announcement was trolled to hell and back.  Trolled by people who thought we were the second coming of the Antichrist, and trolled by people who thought we were but a crude imitation of the old GOONS.  They didn't give us a chance, but we got by.  We ignored the naysayers and begun the tricky work of building a new alliance for goons to call home.
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