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August 19, 2022, 04:16:21 pm

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Author Topic: Chapter 2: New meets Old  (Read 1246 times)

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Chapter 2: New meets Old
« on: June 21, 2010, 09:07:01 pm »

The time period from our founding in the middle of April to the end of May was an incredibly turbulent time for the alliance.  Not just the people in the alliance either, the very concept of the alliance.  We were unproven, yet at the same time we were rebuilding in the shadow of the ruins of the old GOONS.  Here in Cybernations this meant that to some extent we had a rather large stigma, both from being the old GOONS and not being enough like the old GOONS.  However, things were decidedly more one-sided on SA.

When we posted our first recruitment thread on SA they were ready.  Immediately upon the thread being posted, it was under attack.  Attack from something we had all hoped dead and forgotten:  The government of the old GOONS which had forced the alliance to ruin.  They assaulted the thread with all their might, for we had accomplished what they couldn't, we came back.  They claimed all sorts of things in their arguments: that the alliance name was too sacred to be given to any new alliance, that the disbanding was meant to be permanent, that we were unworthy of the name, and other jarringly edgy opinions.

Their plan was somewhat multi-pronged.  They attacked us in the recruiting threads on SA to stop members from joining, which sadly may have been somewhat successful (though we overcame it, obviously).  They infiltrated us, seeking to expose us and destroy us somehow.  We expunged them from the alliance before they could do any damage.  They went to MK, and begged them to attack us, which of course they didn't.  This group killed the old GOONS, and they were dead-set on finishing the job.  Was it jealousy at our success?  Remorse for their failure? Their motives still seem somewhat unclear, more than a year after the fact.

The first month was a concept test, to see if we could gain members and hold them, and start to build a community.  Building a self-sustaining community is one of the most important aspects of any successful alliance, and we were certain it could be done again.  The first month though, there was not a lot of hope.  A lot of people logged in once and never again, retention was terrible.  The training system we had designed was a mess, nobody was willing to go through all the hoops.  Eventually the decision was made to promote everyone to member and skip them past the training, just to give them access and get the community going.  This had limited success.

In the beginning of GOONS IRC activity was almost non-existent.  The channel, #goonsex was limited to the same 5 or so gov and maybe 8 or so members at most.  Far from the behemoth of activity it is today, it almost slipped into nothing, days going by with nothing said.  Fortunately this would turn around with time, but it still took a war and many months of recruiting and community building.  It's funny how our private chat in #goonsex usually has more people in it than our public channel.

Community building issues aside, toward the end of May, we would face our first bout of diplomacy since the founding, in which we met our longest ally,  :parrot: Umbrella :parrot:.

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Re: Chapter 2: New meets Old
« Reply #1 on: June 21, 2010, 10:49:44 pm »
The thread attacks were pretty hilarious, when you think about it. Though much of the alliance was completely okay with the renewal of the alliance, several old leaders believed that the GOONS name -- one that in many games means a bunch of trolls, a small group of competent people, and an even smaller group of competent trolls -- was too sacred to be used, based on our previous presence in the game.

I remember the early days of IRC as well. It was mainly Sardonic and salithus and a few others (myself included, at times) shooting ideas back and forth for the alliance. Nation growth was slow until we managed to secure some aid from Umbrella (and Mushroom Kingdom, if I remember correctly?), education was limited to a few posts about basic nation setup and what you could find out in IRC, and (yes I mean to brag here) I actually helped father in the first squad, something that at the time seemed to be little more than a framework for future squads, and to have an easier way to organize tech raids.

I don't know much from here, due to a few weeks of forgetting what day it was and just generally not being a computer resulting in my nation being deleted, and I couldn't be assed at the time to remake and rebuild a nation.

What can I say? I was a lazy ass.  :byodood:

Offline Umar ibn Abd al-Aziz

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Re: Chapter 2: New meets Old
« Reply #2 on: June 22, 2010, 09:33:53 pm »
I didn't feel right about returning for a long time - it took 6-7 months from the founding of the alliance to make the move back here. I woulda come back sooner but for the new alliance's treaty ties to the the NPO and NpO - which I saw as a bit of betrayal at the time I suppose - and stuff happening outside of CN which occupied a lot of my attention and time last year. I'm glad I came back though now, I just wish I'd done it earlier as I missed out on catching up with a lot of familiar faces (General Patton, Capn Henry and others) who'd joined and subsequently left in my absence.
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