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August 19, 2022, 04:02:46 pm

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Author Topic: Chapter 7: The Desert and the Oasis  (Read 860 times)

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Chapter 7: The Desert and the Oasis
« on: November 01, 2010, 12:30:13 pm »
Chapter 7
The summer of 2010 was a quiet one, to say the least.  Following the "departure" of salithus GOONS government emerged more unified than ever.  The summer was a desert, one somewhat desolate.  Not a whole lot happened beyond   a few passing rogue incidents.  Making it through the summer was difficult for some, and they were lost in dust storms (read: deleted due to inactivity).

However, this was only on the surface, behind closed doors there was much activity.  Many government positions changed hands.   Beefspari’s meteoric rise to fame began in earnest, as she gained valuable experience in diplomacy.  A handful of rogue incidents proved extremely vexing.  Policies were sharpened to better combat the causes of such raid incidents.
Beyond this though, GOONS played the political game.  We were invited to talks about blocs.  Before the summer was over, there was already much talk of blocs which didn’t ultimately materialize.  Many alliances had a driving need to build blocs, most of which are encapsulated in our current bloc, PB. 

The diplomacy GOONS did during the summer was one of reconciliation.  I sought out VE as a potential ally, for I saw within them a rationality that many alliances lack.  For the better part of the entire summer, Ktarthan and I (and a bit of biazt) convinced VE of our intentions.  VE and GOONS have a long history, and not a pretty one.  In the heat of the Great Color War, GOONS was one of the prime fighters who fought against VE, forcing them off of green for GGA.  The war eventually led to the disbanding of the original VE.

VE was only able to return during the UJW, fighting against GOONS on the side of ~.  They won in the end, they got their justice, and the original GOONS disbanded.  This was not the end of the new VE’s hardships however, but only the beginning.  VE endured much, for a time they were forced to split their nations between colors, to allow GGA to retain hegemony of green.  They eventually overcame their hardships with the decisive leadership of Ardus.

Modern VE was understandably wary of us, the new GOONS.  But we were able to convince them of our good intentions.  We explained how we do things differently from the old GOONS, and how trust in us would not be misplaced.  Moreover, how we would not cause an obscene amount of raid incidents and cause ire for them and us both.  After many months of deliberation, we proposed the ODP to them, and it passed.

It did not take very long for the ODP to mature, and the bond behind it to grow and strengthen, paving the way for their membership in PB.  We had reached the oasis.  The diplomatic victory signaled the beginning of a new age for us.  A proof that we were capable of great things diplomatically, in spite of what the moronity of the OWF says.  Of course, none of us could have predicted what came next, as the school year began, and people’s restlessness reached a fevered peak.

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Re: Chapter 7: The Desert and the Oasis
« Reply #1 on: November 02, 2010, 12:11:01 pm »
Yesss, my first Historium mention. I've made it big, now!

Just a thought: You might want to make a mention of the new constitution, as I'm pretty sure it happened during this period, along with the fairly substantial government structure change that came around the same time.


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