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November 27, 2021, 03:26:07 am

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Author Topic: Slander of Doom  (Read 2604 times)

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Slander of Doom
« on: September 10, 2014, 02:44:13 am »
01:08                   • Query with Sigrun[CA]/ opened on Wednesday, September 10th 2014, 01:08:41.
 01:08                   • Total queries: 316/~0.7 per day
 01:08                   • Queries today: 1
 01:08                   • Common channels: #umbrella #nso
 01:08                   •

 01:08   Sigrun[CA]      • hi there, I apologize for the uninvited query, but I do believe we should speak.
 01:44   Marx            • It's fine though you'd be better off speaking to somebody in our government.
 01:44   Sigrun[CA]      • you are not government?
 01:44   Sigrun[CA]      • I am sorry if I was misinformed.
 01:44   Marx            • I retired like 6 months ago
 01:45   Sigrun[CA]      • eh, you are still influential I bet
 01:45   Sigrun[CA]      • and I wont insult you or bullshit you, I am pretty straightforward
 01:45   Marx            • If I want to be I guess so.
 01:46   Sigrun[CA]      • comrademilton attacked LN in violation of goons charter. I tried to point that out to him, he banned me from your channel entirely.
 01:46   Sigrun[CA]      • if I am not allowed in your channel? well for the moment no one gives a fuck.
 01:47   Sigrun[CA]      • the moment something comes up I *need* to talk with goons gov about again, and I am still banned?
 01:47   Sigrun[CA]      • it will be a major problem and you will lose.
 01:47   Marx            • And what alliance do you represent?
 01:48   Sigrun[CA]      • I am not a douche bag and I have put up with this for some time, I just will feel better knowing that what passes for active and responsible people in goons have been informed,.
 01:48   Sigrun[CA]      • my alliance is Confederatio Aesir
 01:51   Marx            • It is my understanding that 's useless micro was greenlit to be attacked because they had no treaties, and certainly none of any consequence. It wasn't until afterwards that Kaskus came to us claiming to protect 's micro even though there was no public mentioning of them doing so.
 01:51   Sigrun[CA]      • I have a publicly posted treaty with LN. for some time
 01:51   Marx            • Like I said, treaties of any consequence.
 01:51   Sigrun[CA]      • there we go. you sure you want to stick with that line?
 01:52   Marx            • I'm being straightforward in return.
 01:52   Marx            • If you don't like it, join an alliance that matters instead of sitting on a one-man AA.
 01:52   Sigrun[CA]      • I am too. if you think my treaties are of no consequence, I will be happy to ask you if you still think that again in 6 months. and good night sir.
 01:52   Marx            • Lmbo well okay.
 01:53   Sigrun[CA]      • thank you. I thought this would be hard. You have made it so easy. enjoy oblivion.
 01:54   Marx            • I'm not even sure what it is you wanted. But you come in here, threatening a retired member of GOONS and then get angry when I express my opinion that your alliance doesn't matter and Kaskus does.
 01:54   Sigrun[CA]      • I have not threatened you'
 01:54   Sigrun[CA]      • in any way shape or form
 01:54   Sigrun[CA]      • take that back or I shall charge you with slander
 01:55                   • Sigrun[CA]:#cybergoons [] has joined #cybergoons
 01:56   Marx            • I'm starting to understand why you would have been kickbanned from our channel.
 01:56   Marx            • You can drop the awful RP pretense
 01:56                   • ComradeMilton:#cybergoons [] has kicked Sigrun[CA] [bye]
 01:56   Sigrun[CA]      • you can quit pretending you can tell me how to act
 01:56   Sigrun[CA]      • or not
 01:57   Sigrun[CA]      • your choice, but it will have an impact on whether or not I bother to read your messages going foward.
 01:57   Marx            • Coincidentally isn't that what you are doing when you try to tell a GOONS government official he "broke" our rules?
 01:58   Sigrun[CA]      • no. your rules are publicly posted. if you dont want others assessing your compliance then that was your mistake
 01:59   Sigrun[CA]      • also let comrademilton know that inviting me while I am still banned appears to confuse the hell out of the IRC server. it is asking me to tell him to make up his GD mind one way or the other. if he replied to me there I do not see it.
 02:02   Marx            • It's one of those "damned if we do, damned if we don't" situations I suppose. Having our guidelines posted publicly clears up any misconceptions about how we conduct our affairs and prevents most issues before they happen. But as soon as a situation pops up where, like in this case, some useless micro has no publicly stated treaties of consequence posted and gets raided then clearly we broke our
 02:02   Marx            • rules when greenlighting that micro.
 02:02   Marx            • ANd if we didn't post our rules
 02:02   Marx            • People would get upset that we're hiding things in private
 02:02   Sigrun[CA]      • useless micro
 02:03   Sigrun[CA]      • bring it you useless piece of shit
 02:03   Sigrun[CA]      • show me you are less useless than you
 02:03   Sigrun[CA]      • you cant do it and you know it
 02:03   Sigrun[CA]      • so fuck off
 02:03   Marx            • Well I was talking about 's alliance. But your one man AA is also have no concern to me or GOONS or anybody else.
 02:03   Marx            • Frankly I'm surprised you haven't been raided by anybody yet.
 02:04   Sigrun[CA]      • good. as long as I am no concern to you the immenent death of your alliance will be completely unexpected
 02:04   Marx            • And who is going to kill my alliance?
 02:04   Sigrun[CA]      • I am sorry, I somehow got the impression you were not a total idiot
 02:04   Sigrun[CA]      • obviously I was wrong. even comrademilton appears to be smarter than you. thanks for pinging him. have a good night.
 02:05   Marx            • Take a chill pill, buddy. If you blow your stack anytime someone criticizes you you're not going to matter at all.
 02:06   Sigrun[CA]      • yeah, you really think I care?
 02:08   Marx            • Of course not. That's why nobody has any respect for you or .

This is really a sign that if I want to enjoy my retirement fully, I should just stop logging on IRC.

01:41   Bularin         • Government goons are faggots. As usual. Give a goon power in any game, they tend to turn it into weird power fantasies.

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Re: Slander of Doom
« Reply #1 on: September 10, 2014, 11:56:15 am »
to be fair, not logging into irc made government more enjoyable as well

just never log into irc

or cn

enjoy oblivion :tiphat:
:hehe: sigs off crew :hehe:

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Re: Slander of Doom
« Reply #2 on: September 10, 2014, 05:39:53 pm »
01:54   Sigrun[CA]      • take that back or I shall charge you with slander

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Re: Slander of Doom
« Reply #3 on: September 11, 2014, 01:22:46 am »
lmfao what. I don't remember that guy being THAT fucking spergy

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Re: Slander of Doom
« Reply #4 on: September 11, 2014, 10:43:20 am »
At this point both sides should admit defeat and pay reps to GOONS.
Basically have all medals and killed everyone.

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Re: Slander of Doom
« Reply #5 on: October 09, 2014, 05:40:19 am »
lmao holy shit

22:24 &emmabuddie • rey you and your hitler shit
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