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April 14, 2021, 05:09:38 pm

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Author Topic: WELCOME TO MERCY - READ ME!! (revised 2014/02/21)  (Read 4643 times)

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WELCOME TO MERCY - READ ME!! (revised 2014/02/21)
« on: August 23, 2010, 12:52:04 am »
If you're in Mercy there are only two explanations. One, you're being attacked (or may soon be attacked) by GOONS and want it to stop. Two, you're here to read and laugh. If the latter, carry on. If the former, listen up:

The High War Adjudicator's say is final. Anything he/she says or does in this board is law. If he/she changes the terms or conditions of your particular case it is legal. What follows is a guideline on standard policy. At any time the High War Adjudicator can deny a peace request for any reason (or none at all).

Current High War Adjudicator:
Dr Beefstupid, MrWuss

On rare occasions, others may be appointed to temporarily take over the duties of the High War Adjudicator. When this is the case, you will know.

Posting a thread in this board usually grants you a 24 hour cease fire between you and the GOONS attacking you (unless you're an EoG or the aggressor). The High War Adjudicator or another gov or appointee will post terms and declare the ceasefire started.
You also have 24 hours to meet our requirements or war will resume. When you make a thread, provide the following information:

Nation name:
Ruler name:
Reason for being here:

Remember. Your attitude is being noticed.

If you're asking for mercy, you have three options:


If you're a basic unaligned player or in an alliance with 14 or less users, you will be asking for peace. Post a new thread in this board titled "REQUEST FOR PEACE" Do not post in this thread, do not post in another thread, do not have someone post on your behalf. If you do, your request will be ignored. If you're representing your entire alliance and want peace for all of them, mention this in your post. You must be in charge of the alliance to do this. If your entire alliance is granted peace, we will suspend raids for only one month, during which time you can build or seek protection. If after that month you're still in our range, raids may resume. Note that if you were the aggressor in the war, you will not be granted a ceasefire. The following happens when you ask for peace:

1) During the 24 hour cease fire period, the adjudicator (that's me) or another governor will present you with the terms of peace. This may consist of anything the governor decides, but will NOT consist of in-game OR out of game requirements such as money. If I personally am offering you the terms, I will give you at least two options to pick from.

2) You have the allotted 24 hour cease fire period to respond to the terms and complete them. If you fail to do so, war will resume. If you meet the requirements, you'll be offered peace and may go about your business (and will not be attacked again as long as we can remember not to). If you half-ass it, it'll be put up to a vote, which will probably result in people laughing at you and then saying no.

3) WILD CARDS - Now and then, in addition to your terms, there may be a wild card. This will not be a term itself, but a bonus challenge that may make things easier, more difficult, or just different. They are mysterious and sexy.


This is only available if you're in an alliance war with us. If you don't want to fight, you can become a POW and opt out of the war until it's over. To surrender, post a new topic with the title "I SURRENDER" in this board. Include the information template above in your post. Do not post in this thread, do not post in another thread, do not have someone post on your behalf. If you do, your request will be ignored. When you surrender, you will do the following three things:

1) You will decommission all tanks, all aircrafts, all CMs, all nukes, all barracks, and all guerrilla camps. You will also decommission soldiers to less than 40% (keep enough to avoid going into anarchy).

2) You will set your AA (alliance affiliation) to "GOONS POW" during which time you'll be under protection by the GOONS alliance.

3) Until you're given the all clear, you will not declare any new wars, you will not send aid to your old alliance, and you will not rebuild your military. Feel free to sit back and goof off with your economy or whatever.


If you're an EoG (enemy of GOONS) the rules are different. Hint: if you aren't sure if you're an EoG, you aren't. If you've done something to end up on our list, the process is quite a bit more complicated. First of all, you're going to post a thread in this forum to convince us of why you should be allowed to surrender. You can be as verbose or direct in this post as you want. But I highly recommend you make it pretty good, and start off with what mistakes you made, why you're sorry, and why we should have mercy on you.

After you've posted your thread, we'll start deciding on surrender terms, assuming we accept your reasons. If we don't, you'll remain an EoG. This is why your thread should be as convincing as possible. Once we've decided on what to do, we'll keep in touch with you. You should check your CN PM box and the thread at least once a day. During the time we're negotiating, you won't be given a ceasefire.

Now and then we will allow others to fulfil your terms for you. This is entirely at the whim of the High War Adjudicator and is subject to his/her approval. Usually this will require the pinch hitter to fulfil terms that are tougher, stranger, or more humiliating.

Fulfill the requirements of these within the time given and we'll let you be. :glomp:

Disappoint us and you will be destroyed. :hist101:

Remember, we're under no obligation to fit into your schedule. We'd love to hear all about your drama or your comments about how any of this is unfair, but it's not going to help your case. Try to be coherent; most of us speak English, so do us a solid and make sure the things you say are readable. Don't make multiple threads. Don't complain about the terms of either surrender or peace, and don't try to come up with your own terms rather than meet ours. Play nice and we'll all get along.

Threads will be flagged with NEGOTIATING, DENIED, or RESOLVED. If NEGOTIATING, that means terms are presented and waiting to be fulfilled. If DENIED, that person gets no peace and wars continue. If RESOLVED, peace should be sent immediately.

Oh, and enjoy your stay. :fuckyou:

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